Schölvinck-Incasso: the Dutch Debt Recovery Specialist


Schölvinck-Incasso in Amsterdam is a Dutch debt recovery specialist that offers total solutions right from early stage collections to legal services covering every stage of the recovery cycle i.e. amicable negotiation, legal negotiation and legal action (litigation) to foreign companies having delinquent accounts in The Netherlands.


The owner of Schölvinck-Incasso, is Mr E.Ph. Schölvinck, a lawyer and debt recovery specialist, therefore Schölvinck-Incasso do not depend much on the outsider’s attorney to handle the litigation aspect of the recovery cycle. My inhouse legal capabilities and expertise ensures enhanced legal efficiencies, cost effectiveness and timely delivery with greater success.


Brief information about Schölvinck-Incasso


As an introduction I shall first briefly describe my firm. After that I will explain the procedure with the corresponding tariffs.


After my studies at the University of Leiden I worked as a lawyer with a number of companies. In 1996 I set up Schölvinck-Incasso. My firm is located in the centre of Amsterdam, but the work extends over the Netherlands. My clientele ranges from the one man business to the listed company.


On request I also try to collect money outside the Netherlands. 

The procedure

The debtor is given notice and summoned to pay. If no response or payment follows, debtor is contacted by telephone. If debtor responds to you I would ask you to refer them to my firm.


Your claim (capital sum) is increased by interest and collection costs. The collection costs are determined from the scale of charges of the cantonal court,  


see tariff list.


After summons there are two options:

  1. Debtor pays everything. You receive the capital (€ 10,000) + statutory interest (€ 150) = € 10,150. The collection costs are for my firm. On balance the collection has cost you nothing.
  2. Debtor pays only the capital + where applicable the interest. If my firm does not succeed in recovering the collection costs, I charge these costs to you. Depending on the extent of our work the amount of these costs may be reasonably limited. 


Summon him before the court


If debtor does not pay voluntarily, it is possible to summon him before the court. I shall consult you first about this. Here I also try to recover all the interest and costs from the debtor. After the court has given judgement, I look after the collection, if necessary by seizure from a bank account, company or household effects. 


I will keep you informed of the progress of any proceedings.


I hope I have given you sufficient information here.


Yours sincerely,



Mr E.Ph. Schölvinck  





If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me with the form below, or contact me at + 31 64 64 063 26

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