FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


A creditor can place a claim by sending us an email with relevant information of you may call us to discuss your claim at:  + 31 (0) 6-46 40 63 26


Does your service have any hidden fees or charges ?


No. Simply put, if we don't collect your debt, you owe us nothing. We have no hidden costs, fees or other charges you need to worry about except we charge upfront cost and a retainer cost in case of commercial litigations.


What cities do you cover?

We have large geographical coverage and cover all the cities across the Netherlands.

Who will compromise my claim?

Only you can approve a compromise. We will do our best to get all of your money and we won't compromise your claim without your consent. If we get any written offer, we will communicate it to you for your decision. If we get any legitimate oral offer, we will also communicate it to you for your decision. Ultimately any settlement or compromise will be your decision.

What personal involvement will I have ?

When we get a new file, we conduct our investigation and file initiation. We try to develop a feeling for who our target is and what is the best way to attack the target. As part of that process, we can send you an email for relevant facts, information and ideas.

How do you disburse proceeds from my collection?

All money collected is deposited to our "clients trust account". After we are certain that the debtor's payment has cleared, the money is disbursed to you and to us. We don't get paid on contingent fee cases until you do so we are anxious to clear funds and disburse promptly. We usually disburse all cleared funds weekly.

What if you can't collect for me?

While we collect on most of our cases, in the history of our practice there have been some cases where we can't collect. Since collection is our business, cases are our inventory. We don't want stale inventory or non-current inventory. If we are unable to collect, your case will be returned to you promptly. If your case is returned to you, you can take it to any other lawyer you select and we will relinquish any contingent fee interest. If we don't feel we can collect, we don't want to keep the case and continue devoting time toward it without optimism.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me with the form below, or contact me at + 31 (0) 64 64 06 326

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